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    29th November 2017

    What To Wear To A Winter Wedding: Wedding Guest Guide

    Deciding what to a wedding isn’t easy, and deciding what to wear to a winter wedding is just that little bit harder. You no longer have the trusty floral maxi dress or pretty floaty pastels to rely upon. But winter wedding guest dressing can be just as fun! Here are our five top tips on winter wedding guest dressing.

    Invest in a Cover Up

    Invest in a cover up. Weddings typically involve doors opening as people come enter and exit, an outdoor exit for the bride and groom and photographs which may very well be outdoors too. So we cannot stress how cold you will be if you’re not wearing long sleeves and don’t have a cover-up to hand. Capes look particularly beautiful, as do cardigans with beautiful intricate beading.

    Shoes That Won't Let Your Feet Freeze

    Freezing feet are no fun, so for winter weddings try to go for shoes that don’t leave the majority of your feet open. Also try to avoid suede, the damp air and mist are no friends to suede. If you are opting for suede invest in a protector.


    Go for rich textures and fabrics. Try not to go overboard with sequins and glitter, but rich prints and fabrics like velvet, silk, shimmery iridescent fabrics look so beautiful. Brocade also looks absolutely beautiful.

    Suit Up

    Jumpsuits and suits more gorgeous alternative to dresses. The High Street has some beautiful trouser suits in fabrics like velvet in a myriad of gorgeous, rich colours. A silk top looks stunning under it and you can go for some statement jewellery too. Jumpsuits are so wearable and comfortable and look so classy. As a bonus, both options will keep you warmer than a dress will.

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