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    25th January 2018

    Wedding Theme Ideas: Celestial

    One of our favourite themes this year is one that incorporates all things stars, earth and moon. There are so many things you could do with this theme, whether it’s taking inspiration from constellations, adopting a celestial colour scheme or adding a little sprinkle of stardust. Her are some of our favourite ways to theme a celestial wedding. 


    Naming tables after something significant rather than doing ordinary numbering is something that works so well in adding a personal touch to your wedding. We’ve seen some beautiful ideas from couples at The City Rooms, from naming each table after a significant number for the couple (the date on which they met, their house number…) to naming tables after some of their favourite travel destinations. Tables can also be a subtle way of incorporating a theme, for this theme you could name table numbers after constellations, maybe with a short description of each.

    Colour Scheme

    When it comes to the colour scheme you could go for colours associated with the celestial midnight blues to grey-blues, accented with a vintage gold looks beautiful.

    Little touches 

    When it come to theming we always think it’s a nice idea to thread it subtly throughout the wedding, which means adding in little details that nod to the theme. For example, you could have little macaroons in a blue-grey, gilded with a touch of gold or perhaps little starry details on the bridal accessories.  

    Fairy Lights

    Nothing says celestial so beautifully as lots and lots of fairy lights.  You could have a canopy, reflecting the night sky or you could get a little creative and fill geometric shaped jars with bundles of them. 


    Wedding Stationery

    From your invites to menus and table plans, you can add a celestial touch to everything, pre-wedding day stationery is great for setting the theme for guests ahead of the special day.

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