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    15th February 2018

    Wedding Flowers by Season

    Opting for in-season wedding flowers is a win-win. Firstly prices for in-season flowers should be lower than prices for flowers which have to be flown in from elsewhere. Secondly, buying in season flowers will mean less transportation miles, which is wonderful for the environment. Also, whichever month you are marrying in, there are gorgeous seasonal flowers to choose from.  Allow us to present just a few options:

    January to March


    These beauties, with their bell-shaped florets, come in a variety of pretty colours. They also have a beautiful, sweet fragrance and work wonderfully in a wedding bouquet. They lend themselves perfectly to being combined with anemones and tulips or being used in single variety posy bouquet, tied with a pretty ribbon.

    Lily of the Valley

    These are available closer to March, and make the most delicate of wedding flowers. It’s a classic flower if ever there was one, carried by Kate Middleton and Grace Kelly in their wedding bouquets. The little white buds against the lush greenery look stunning and elegant. You could combine it with other flowers but we think it looks stunning all on its own.

    Other flowers we love: Narcissus, Tulips, Chrysanthemums

    April to June


    April is when peony season arrives, much to the delight of brides. These fluffy blooms grow in shades of white, pinks, corals, yellow and red and make for the most romantic of wedding flowers and can be used in a number of ways. There’s the classic option of going for an all-out peony bouquet, with pinks and whites being the obvious choice. You can also combine them with greenery for a fresher look and go for more succulent shades of corals and pinks for a pop of colour. Peonies are among the most voluminous of florals so work wonderfully as a small posy.


    The hydrangea is another flower which is so voluminous per stem it can very easily be used sparingly, yet still make a wonderful impact. Each bloom is composed of clusters of petals and looks beautiful on their own or combined with peonies or roses. Hydrangeas come in a range of colours, one of our favourites is cornflower blue or green combined with white flowers.

    Other flowers we love: Ranunculus, Iris, Marigolds, Roses, Orchids

    July to September


    Dahlias make for such versatile wedding flowers, blooming in a variety of colours and sizes. We adore them in soft shades, paired with creams and greenery for an elegant bouquet, in darker shades for a dramatic bouquet or in more vibrant shades for a succulent bouquet in the height of summer.


    Otherwise known as Baby’s Breath, this flower can be used as inexpensive filler in flower bouquets, but can also be used as a wedding flower in its own right. We love the utter simplicity of these pretty little white flower buds against the greenery, in clusters they look like little white clouds and can be tied with a lace or silk ribbon.

    Other flowers we love: Lavender, Freesia, Sweet Pea, Lilies

    October to December


    With their paper-thin petals and frilly texture, the ranunculus has an air of simple, regal beauty and blooms in a range of gorgeous shades from soft pinks to deep purples – perfect for autumn weddings. They also combine wonderfully with everything from roses to anemones and greenery.


    With delicate petals and striking black centres, anemones add a contemporary flair to wedding bouquets. One of our favourite ways to use this flower is in an all-white single flower bouquet. The simplicity of the white and green contrasted with the dramatic black centres works wonderfully. They also come in reds, purples, pinks, burgundy and blush.

    Other flowers we love: Amaryllis, Agapanthus, Waxflower

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