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    29th August 2017

    All That is Gold Does Not Glitter

    As the famous line goes, all that is gold does not glitter, but gold can most certainly add a gorgeous touch to a wedding theme. As an accent gold is used with many combinations of colours, looking stunning with peaches, corals, plums and rusty oranges. One of our favourite ways to use gold is in a contemporary mix of whites and creams. If you are tempted to use this scheme for your own wedding day, allow us to share a few tips.
    ONE The thing about using gold with whites and creams is that a lack of competing colour truly allows the gold to shine. Take the Louboutins in the mood board above, the Perspex allows the glittering gold to take centre stage. For a bride who is wearing an elegant dress with a clean cut and minimal detailing, this shoe would look just perfect.
    TWO Mirrors add an ethereal touch with any theme, but with used with a white and gold scheme look so, so beautiful. The reflective surface creates an illusion of space and will add to the contemporary feel of a white and gold wedding – use them for table plans, welcome signs and quotes with white text and ornate gold touches.
    THREE When it comes to table numbers, you really don’t need much more than gold foil and a pretty text on white. 
    FOUR When planning a contemporary white and gold wedding, Perspex can be your best friend. Its transparency will lend an air of spaciousness, similar to the use of mirrors. It looks beautiful used in menus and even invites.
    FIVE Gold can be used in its glittery form, sparingly. The glitter letters look so pretty in the mood board above. We find that when it comes to using glitter, flowers look very complimentary and add a soft, romantic touch. If you do use glitter, try not to over-do it and limit it to one or two features.  
    SIX With an all-white table, candles and lots of beautiful blooms, gold gilded accents on crockery look striking. Look at charger plates and even gold glass candle holders.  

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