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    21st September 2017

    5 Reasons We Love Autumn Weddings

    Autumn weddings are absolutely magical. From the glowing golden light, a carpet of colour thanks to the beautiful falling leaves and a myriad of gorgeous theme options. If you’re considering being an autumn bride, here are five reasons to fall in love with autumn weddings.
    ONE Food. While summer menus often call for lighter options, autumn heralds the return of warmer, more comforting foods in tantalising flavours. Spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg come into play, hot chocolate bars will be warmly welcomed by your guests, squash and pumpkins are in season and soups once again make for the perfect starter course. When it comes to favours, gingerbread people make the perfect favours.
    TWO Darker colours. In autumn you can embrace olives, jewels and golds, perfect if summer’s pastels and brighter hues are not for you. With the neutrals in our Ballroom, most colour themes work beautifully.
    THREE Light. Autumn brings with it the most gorgeous of golden light, making wedding photos an absolute dream. With the darker evenings, you can make use of lots of lighting options, from candles to lanterns and fairy lights. Of course you can take your pick from lighting options in summer too, but they will actually serve a purpose in autumn. Plus there is something so beautiful about the fading light outside and the warmth of candlelight inside.
    FOUR Weather. The days are not yet cold, nor are they swelteringly hot, one might say they are rather perfect. As an autumn bride you will pretty much know what to expect and will plan your day accordingly.
    FIVE Honeymoon. Take a honeymoon in autumn and most likely you will be leaving the cool temperatures of the UK for warmer, sunnier climes. And when you return, it’ll be that much closer to Christmas!  

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