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    11th May 2011

    Christmas party venues in Leicester

    What’s your ideal Christmas Party? Are you looking for something civil and cultured with great food, great wine and great company? Or are you a bit of a mover and a shaker, who likes nothing more than strutting your stuff to the compulsive melodies of “I wish it could be Christmas every day”?

    Let me guess. Until around half nine you’re very much the former – a picture of refinement and control. Then, a couple of mulled wines later, you’re transformed into the latter amidst a whirl of party poppers and the flying contents of Christmas crackers.

    No matter where you sit on the spectrum, or if indeed you slowly shift along it as the night advances, there is a Christmas party venue in Leicester city centre that is guaranteed to tick all the boxes. Appealing to your sober cultured self will be the stunning Georgian architecture, grand ballroom and exquisite service. While your party animal will be fully catered for both on our disco dance floor and in the jazzy cocktail bar.

    Every year we hold many events throughout December. From close family affairs to large office Christmas parties, Leicester only has one venue able to cater so broadly yet so specifically. Often our guests will have very particular requests, perhaps for a certain menu or privacy during the evening or for a particular theme or… well it could be just about anything! As long as we know far enough in advance then we can work together to ensure it is a night to remember, albeit through a slightly blurred lens!

    So if you’re thinking about holding your Christmas Party in Leicester, give our team a call or send an email requesting further information at info@thecityrooms.co.uk.

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